There are many sports that many take part in but we shall discuss three; dodge ball, netball and basketball. when one wants to give a certain description about something they have to give the definition first, and the at is what we shall do, define how these games are played first. Dodge ball for instance, to play a game you have to have a certain aim, the aim of playing a dodge ball is to eliminate all the players on the opposite team, this is done by; hitting the opposing team using a ‘live throw ball’.

Second, you can also catch the ‘live throw ball’ that comes from your opponent team before the ball touches the ground in this the opponent who threw the ball is eliminated. Three any player is eliminated if they drop the ball that was thrown at them in an attempt to catch it or if the ball caught is hit by another ball and falls. Now since you know how to eliminate the players there is time, this games takes a duration two times twenty minutes halves and in any case there are a few breaks then the time might change.

The game also is played indoors. There is also the issue of the number of players needed in a game, for each team there are six players not including the substitutes, but the minimum number is four, and in every game there must be a compulsory female and male player. Then there is netball, it is a little alike to playing dodge ball in some ways but with this you don’t throw the ball to hit someone else you just hit the ball over the net. In netball safety is of great importance, that is why we shall discuss how you can securely get good at this game still in a safe bubble. To our advantage there are ways that you can still play this game while keeping safe. Learn to play mixed netball.

One is that you need to train properly and regularly to ensure that you are fit for the game it is also important since it helps your bones become stronger and toned, during this training you need to follow the protocol to the latter in order to avoid injuries even before the actual game starts. You also need to have reliable team mates and a good coach that will ensure that you make it to the top and one that understands your weaknesses and strengths. Then there is basketball this game has become a multinational phenomenon, in order to get so good at this game just follow he simple steps below. For you to be successful in the game of basketball you need to follow these simple steps.

you need to read very many playbooks so as to understand the game. Two, watch a variety of basketball videos, previous games from great players and even guides on how to succeed In this field. Then the pillar of it all you need to get on that field and practice as if you are playing the actual game. Click to play recreational basketball.

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